‘After receiving our first Man Scale, I went and purchased 10 more - one for every room in my house to remind my husband to stop being a D**khead and start being more of a Bum-d**k.  My life has completely transformed - THANK YOU Man Scale.’

Sher - Huntingdale, VIC

‘Since The Man Scale, I have decided to stop being a D**khead and be more of a F**khead.  I now go out with my mates to push the boundaries to see what will get us kicked out of the pub. I love my new life!’

Rory - Brisbane, QLD

What type of man are you?

Scientifically proven, The Man Scale is the only scale you’ll ever need again to help you identify if you’re being the man you want to be and if you are holding court with fellow men who deserve your existence in their life.

After years of scientific research in laboratories across all seven continents, The Man Scale was carefully crafted and designed to enable you to collect the men worthy of your time, along with cull those f*#kas that are not.

High quality, fast and affordable, we are all about spreading the good word of the Great Man, along with the not so great.

Recommended to frame or laminate, your Man Scale will look fantastic in your pool room, man cave, bedroom, dunny, pub - anywhere at all for that matter! 

WARNING:  the content within The Man Scale is only for those 18+ years and older and is solely designed for you all to have a bit of a laugh and not take life too seriously.  If you don’t like swearing and profanities, please leave our site as this is not the place for you. The Man Scale has been designed to see the lighter side of life and is not intended to offend anyone or anything.


‘The Man Scale has changed my life.  My fiancé is no longer a F**kwit, he’s just a F**khead now which is a real improvement.’

Chryssy - Perth, WA

‘Move over Tony Robbins - you are dead to me now.  All I need is The Man Scale to live the life of my dreams.  Tony Robbins - ha - what a C**khead!’

Tim - Sandringham, VIC